Winter Is Coming
Winter Is Coming

Sorry, I just finished the last season of Game Of Thrones and yes…”winter is coming”!

Summer holidays are over and it’s time to get back into school mode. It will be another exciting year for our PAC and I am looking forward to our first meeting on Tuesday September 12, 2017. There are a lot of exciting things to discuss and I would love to see some new faces around the table full of new energy and ideas. We are also still in need of a SECRETARY so if you are interested in that position please attend our next meeting and become an official voting member!

Halloween and dressing up is always a topic around our table at this time of year. At our last meeting we talked about creating a PAC Survey for our school community so that we could collect some data to see what thoughts were around this topic as well as some general questions about our PAC. The survey has been active over the summer and so far the response has been less than overwhelming. I am hoping that everyone who would like to be heard takes this opportunity to fill out the form and express their opinion. It’s important for us to get this kind of feedback from the community who may not be able to attend meetings and still want a voice on certain things.

Our Playground Enhancement Committee has been busy this summer chasing grants and donations. I am very happy to confirm that Phase 1 of our inclusive playground project is scheduled to be installed before the end of October this year. Big thanks to the amazing people in our community who have sent us leads, gave ideas, come forward with donations, put in time at events, and those that come out to the events and take part. Without you, none of this would be possible. Phase 1 will include a couple of different inclusive swing options, a teeter totter, a buddy bench, and a cozy dome (not pictured below). Better than that it will extend it’s access points to the pavement and have ramps for inclusive access so that all children can play.

We are not done yet. Our fundraising efforts will continue this year with a few significant changes that will become more clear after our first fundraising meeting. If you have feedback on fundraising we have done in the past or would like to present new ideas please feel free to attend our next meeting or send us an email to