The F-Word
The F-Word

Yes I know…nobody likes to hear the F-Word but as school starts up again this year we wouldn’t be doing our job as a PAC if we weren’t thinking about FUNDRAISING already! There I said it.

Last school year this community raised pretty close to $10,000 toward our playground initiative. The cost of a new playground is enormous and for that reason it has been our focus this past year and will likely be the focus for much of our fundraising efforts for the next few. You will be happy to know that while we have made the playground a financial priority we were still committed to fulfill the same level of support to the heart of General Vanier as we have in the past. These funds are specific to teacher needs and school programs and include such things as (but not limited to) Physical Education and recess equipment, camps, technology (iPads), library books, and grade 8 farewell. These funds are all made possible thanks to you and our…

Family Fundraiser

For the past couple of years PAC has sent out letters to the parent community requesting a donation of $40 per family. This money is needed to provide additional support to our children in the school when traditional funding may not be available. Special field trips, classroom tech, and sending kids to camps or other specialty programs. This is the most important fundraising we do because it sets the tone for the whole year and last year only 30% of families participated. Our first PAC meeting this year is September 13, 2016 and improving this number is on the agenda. If you have ideas please feel free to join us at the meeting or send your suggestions to

Once families have donated their $40 for the year the last thing they want to hear about is raising more money for the playground. That is why we work very hard to make sure that MOST of our money collecting efforts for the playground will be through…

Event Based Fundraising

This means that you’re supporting the playground but in way that you’re having so much fun you hardly notice! Movie nights, dances, the rummage sale, hot dog days, and the flower sale in spring are just few ideas we are considering. If you don’t like flowers we don’t expect you to buy any. If you do like flowers and you are going to buy them anyway you can buy ours and support the playground at the same time. Win win. We have a lot of great ideas this year to raise money and have fun all at the same time.

Over the summer we have met with several developers on and off site and they have come back with some great playground scenarios. There is still much discussion to be had on what our dream playground will look like (fill out our survey) but we have enough information to start writing grants and seeking outside supporters. Just missing a chance at another 10K as a finalist in QX104 Kidsville Contest (still hurts to talk about) put a lot of eyes on our project and the support is certainly out there.

We are also very excited about working with our new Principal Mr. Hassin who has provided us with an amazing letter of support. Each time I receive one of these letters I am reminded of just how important this project is and how much this community has come together over the last year.

Looking forward to another great year General Vanier.