QX104 Kidsville Contest
QX104 Kidsville Contest

A few months ago the Kidsville contest was brought to our attention from a supportive staff member at the school. Of course we entered right away (not knowing what to expect) and just last week on Tuesday we received word from the good people at QX104FM that we were in the top 5 out of 96 entries and moving on to the video portion of the contest!

So Thursday we meet their crew at General Vanier to answer a few questions on camera. All 5 finalists are asked the same questions and the videos are all made by the same crew so that everyone is on a level playing field. We answered these 4 questions…

  1. Tell us about your organization and the impact it has on kids and youth in our community in general terms?
  2. What is your role within the organization?
  3. Tell us about your project, initiative, or cause and why it’s important?
  4. What specifically will the $10,000 dollars accomplish or go towards?

Our video along with 4 others will be featured on 2 different websites ( www.qx104fm.com/Kidsville.aspx and www.943thedrive.ca/Kidsville.aspx ) and open to voting starting this Monday June 13, 2016 and ends June 27, 2016. Don’t worry both links are on our homepage so you don’t have to remember the links. The video that gets the most votes over the 2 week span on both sites will win the $10,000 toward their project. Ours being the inclusive playground enhancement project we have been so diligently raising money for.

Voting is open to everyone, although people do have to sign-up on our pages in order to vote. You can vote multiple times, but it is restricted to once per hour per account. Please vote as often as you can and help support our chances of winning.

          Download our contest poster here and share!