Your General Vanier Parent Council is happy to announce the addition of a new sub-committee now referred to as (PEC), or Playground Enhancement Committee.

A playground where EVERYONE can play!

We believe strongly in inclusive education and it is our mission to help raise the funds necessary to update the playground so that it can become a place that is accessible to ALL children; including children with exceptional physical, intellectual, sensory and behavior needs.

Backed by our School, Community, and Parent Council we intend to make it a place where all children can make connections, use their imaginations, and physically challenge themselves.

What are we communicating to children when the peers that they have been sitting beside in their classrooms have the same access to learning, but not to play?

This province is doing a fair job of making classrooms truly inclusive for all learners. Now it is time to match those messages outside the school walls as well.

Playground Diary

Visit our diary to see some of the fundraising successes we have had so far.