Our Dream Playground
Our Dream Playground

Playgrounds have come a long way since I was just a lad. I remember being content playing in a tree beside my neighbours house. It was a cool tree though that wrapped around the house and you could sneak in behind it and not ever be seen from the outside. We called it “The Bat Cave”. We (I had friends) used to spend hours a day in the Bat Cave completely content (as long as I didn’t have to be Robin). Now a days playgrounds have to compete with Netflix and the lure of hand held devices so we wanted to make sure we asked our kids and community “What does your dream playground look like?”

Turns out everyone has a different view of what their dream playground would look like. Trampolines, pools, and monkey bars were popular among the little ones. Trampolines into pools or dropping from monkey bars into pools seemed to be a favorite but might drum up a few safety concerns. For some it centered around accessibility, tactile, and sensory pieces. For others it was about community, exploration, and the physical challenge that can come from great peer play.


This coming Wednesday October 26, 2016 our PEC (playground enhancement committee) will be holding an open meeting from 5pm-7pm at the school to finalize our/your dream playground. The survey results are in and we have some great ideas. It’s time to make our choices and arrive at a final concept. This will allow us to start working toward a specific goal and break our project into phases based on fundraising and grant support. We hope to have a mix of community, school staff, daycare staff, and specialists on hand to help us make all the right considerations. Feel free to join us in making the playground at General Vanier School a place where all children can play.

Big thanks to Mrs. Wakeman and her class for the awesome art.