Communal Thanks
Communal Thanks

This morning at 8am we sat in the van outside of the school listening to the QX104 waiting for our phones to ring. Our 7 year old in the back seat pacing and repeating “when are they going to announce it? I can’t wait to tell my friends at daycare!”. It was only when that radio phone started ringing and ours didn’t and someone else said “Hello?” that my heart sank into my stomach. I honestly can’t explain the feelings that came over me. I thought about all the people supporting us and felt like we had lost something, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It took everything I had left to walk into daycare and face our eager supporters. As I delivered the news I watched my daughters face drop as she told her friends that we “lost the contest”. Before I left I called her over for hug goodbye and told her what I need to tell all of you…

Don’t worry. Nothing has changed. We’re just getting started!

I just want to give a sincere thank you from our PEC/PAC to all of those people who took the time to vote. The outpouring of support from this little school community was HUGE. The contest forced us to dig deep into our contact lists and reach out to others who believe in what we are doing and just want to help. Even our GoFundMe page saw some action! Our social network has doubled or tripled over the past two weeks and our project is in the faces of the very people we will need help from the most.

I am so proud to be a part of this parent community and excited to see what we can achieve. Have a great summer everyone!